Why Choose Titan Shred?
Our trucks have state of the art security cameras
Locally owned -  Disabled Vet, and Family Operated!

As owners of Titan Shred we are proud to have served in our countries military for more than 23 years.  While serving, we were entrusted with securing and safeguarding some of our nations most vital and sensitive resources.   To earn that trust, we first had to undergo in-depth meticulous background investigations on a regular basis.  We will treat you and your documents with the same care and attention as our nations, as you deserve!

Mobile - we come to you!

We offer a complete mobile service, coming to your home or office, at a time most convenient for you and your staff.  Titan Shred can help you and your company realize a significant cost savings by having us as your source for document shredding.  The time spent by you or your employees not shredding and concentrating on duties will translate into increased productivity and higher revenue.

Secure - State of the art equipment

Titan Shred uses the newest state of the art equipment, monitored by close circuit cameras mounted on and inside the truck.

Your documents are shredded and then compacted into the rear of the secure/locked bay of the truck where they are mixed with thousands of other shredded documents.  This makes it virtually impossible for identity thieves to re-construct you or your clients information, assuring that you have complied with local, state and federal regulations in the proper handling of these sensitive documents.

Time Savings - No lost productivity!

When you choose Titan Shred to do all your shredding and data destruction, you will find, you and your employees have more time to dedicate to primary duties.  Duties that bring in revenue to you and your company.  Time spent at your low speed shredder is time lost on other duties.

For Example: an average minimum wage employee costs an employer $16-$18 per hour. If that employee spends as little as 30 minutes a week on document shredding and disposing of sensitive materials. Not only will this take the employee away from other duties, it will cost the employer on average twice as much as outsourcing it to Titan Shred.

Cost Savings -  Service is cheaper than you think!

In most cases, our shredding service is less expensive overall than paying your employee to do it.  The time and money saved by utilizing Titan Shred is realized by having your employees free to attend to their primary duties.  The job of shredding would not be set aside when the employee has time to get around to it.  With Titan Shred the service is fast, simple and efficient.


We can shred more in 10 minutes than most office shredding machines can handle all day. Shredding completed quickly, timely and efficiently so that you can tackle other duties that will generate income for your business.


When the material is ready to be shred, you simply deposit the material in a locked container that we supply free of charge.  On a schedule that meets your needs, we will come to you and move your material to our truck and destroy it in your presense

 Compliance  -  HIPAA, FACTA, Gramm/Leach/Bliley, Privacy Act.

If you recognize any of these acronyms, you understand the importance of safeguarding your company by protecting the sensitive information that you gather on behalf of your clients.  If you don't,  let me start by saying "It's The Law".

The government is cracking down on employers and business owners that do not take steps in safeguarding this vital information.  If certain information falls in the hands of people who will use it to steal identities, and you or your company is found responsible, the penalties can be quite substantial.

In addition to personal information, you may have a company that depends on being on the cutting edge.  Your proprietary information can be quite valuable to your competition and the last thing you want is to give it away.

California civil code 1798.80-1798.84  This California state law states that any business that deals with “personal information” “shall take all reasonable steps to destroy” a customer’s records that are no longer of value by “shredding, erasing, or, otherwise modifying” the information to render it unreadable. California is one of two states in the union [Georgia is the other] with a state shredding law.

Information Security - Not just shredding

It's no longer a matter of just shredding paper.  We maintain complete control of your sensitive material from the time we arrive at pick up, through destroying it and transporting it to the end recycle facility.  Positive control is maintained by secure containers, trained technicians that maintain a chain of custody of your documents from the time they are received, until they are delivered to the recycle facility.  The entire process of destroying your documents is monitored by cameras mounted on and in the truck.

Secure containers can be placed at your office free of charge to you with a scheduled service agreement.