Shredding Services

Documents     Hard Drives     X-Rays     Uniforms
Serving Redding to Sacramento and the Greater Yuba/Sutter Area including Gridley, Colusa, Wheatland, Williams, Grass Valley, Nevada City and more...

This is a sample listing of our service.  We know that not everyone has the same needs.  If there is a service that you do not see and have questions, by all means call or leave us a message and we will work to meet all of your expectations.

Regular Scheduled Service   

1. You pick the frequency.
2. We place consoles or containers free of charge to you, with a service agreement.
3. You fill. Keep in mind that if you have items other than paper., ie.. computer hard drives, cell phones,
    PDA's, x-ray or other media please keep these separate.
4. We come by on a specified frequency.
5. We wheel your documents to our truck.
6. Our truck lifts the material and completely destroys it outside your office in minutes.
7. The shredded material is then compacted in the rear of the truck with
    thousands of others and kept secured until we bring it to an approved recycle facility.
8. We supply you with a Certificate of Destruction for your records.

Occasional Service- Purge

1. We come to your office, storage unit, or home.
2. If it is a storage unit - we ask that someone remains at the storage unit until shredding is completed.
3. We move your documents into our secure containers.
4. Wheel the container to our truck.
5. Truck lifts container and shreds the documents in minutes it at your location.
6. Your shredded material is then compacted in the rear of the truck with other shredded material and kept secured until we bring it to an approved recycle facility.
7. We can supply a Certificate of Destruction for your records.

 Textile, Uniform, Identification/Badges

Work Uniforms that create an identification for employees can be considered sensitive material if it ends up in the wrong hands.
Uniforms grant access to employees, just as a badge would. Upon termination of an employee, we offer shredding of the uniform and badge for your business or organization.

Electronic Media/other than paper

***Computer Hard Drives/Zip Drives, CD's, Tape Drives, Cell Phones and more!!!
We offer computer hard drive destruction "On-Site!"  We will bring our hard drive destroyer to your location and destroy all your hard drives, and other media devices.

Electronic Media/other than paper- small amount
1. We collect these materials and shred them at our warehouse and offer a certificate of destruction when completed.
2. In partnering with electronic recycling companies locally, all material collected, is recycled, keeping these valuable commodities out of our landfills.

1. X-Rays are collected on site and secured in a locked container in the truck.
2. X-Rays are destroyed using the same care as your paper documents and recycled so the heavy metal in these films do not end up in landfills.
3. They are transported to our facility where they are shredded and then transported to a facility that will separate the heavy metal and contaminates from the film, rendering it safe, and it's recycled.

 Home - Occasional Service

Yes! This service is for Everyone! Not just businesses but anyone with sensitive materials. If you have a low amount you can utilize our drop off locations listed here.
~We come to your home for a minimum service charge that includes up to 10 standard bankers boxes.
~We offer a curbside service.  Due to safety concerns, we are unable to enter your home.
~No job is too big or too small.
~For customers who have less than 10 boxes and would prefer to drop off, check out our contact us page for locations.
~You're welcome to visit our warehouse and bring your documents to us Monday's 9am-12pm ONLY.
  ~Community Shred Day -  See our events page.
Watch for the announcement of these locations as they will change, or simply give us a call.
These are designed for the individual that only has a limited amount and would rather bring it to us.
You can still witness the process being done.